Best HVAC Service in Castle Hills, Carrollton, TX

What started as a farm owned by the Bright family evolved over the years into a massive 2,900-acre housing development whose amenities made it feel like a miniature town in its own right. Mostly incorporated into Lewisville in 2021, there are still parts of Castle Hills nestled into Carrollton, The Colony, and Hebron. No matter which part of Castle Hills you call home, Medley Heating and Air Conditioning is proud to be your TX HVAC company.

Heating, Cooling, Indoor Air Quality, and More for Castle Hills Residents

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HVAC Installation and Repair in Castle Hills

The average homeowner thinks of heating and air conditioning when they think of HVAC service. We cover those needs and many others!

Air Conditioning Service

Maybe you need to install an air conditioner in Castle Hills to deal with the summer heat. On the other hand, maybe you simply want to be sure your existing system — central air, heat pump, or ductless split system — works its best year after year, in which case you should call us for air conditioner repairs and maintenance. Either way, Medley has you covered!

Heating Services

Recent years have shown us what happens when you’re not ready for the worst in winter as well as summer. That’s why Medley offers home heating tune-ups and repairs in Castle Hills and helps you replace older, under-sized, or inefficient systems with our home heating installations.

Indoor Air Quality

Health is just as important as comfort. When you need to control indoor humidity or remove contaminants from the air you breathe in your home, our indoor air quality products, and services in Castle Hills help. From duct cleaning to air purification, filtration, and dehumidifiers, we’ll ensure you can breathe easily.

Attic Insulation

The best furnace or air conditioner is only as efficient as the insulation in the space it’s heating or cooling. We install attic insulation in Castle Hills to help ensure you get peak efficiency from your HVAC system.

When Do You Need Professional HVAC Service in Castle Hills, TX?

Texans are known for their self-reliance. But the sensitivity of many HVAC systems means that trying to maintain or repair them on your own can be asking for trouble. Rather than risking an expensive repair, call Medley Heating and Air Conditioning first.

Signs of HVAC Problems in Your Home or Business

If you notice any of the following signs, don’t hesitate to call us.

  • Your furnace blows cool air, or your AC blows warm air.
  • Your system experiences short-cycling or fails to power up or power down as intended.
  • You notice an unusual smell from your ducts or vents.
  • Your home takes longer than usual to reach the desired temperature, or you notice your use of gas and electricity edging up.
  • Repair costs are mounting to a point where it’s cheaper to replace your furnace or AC unit.

Why Castle Hills Homeowners Choose Medley Heating and Air Conditioning

Castle Hills residents have five good reasons to choose Medley Heating and Air Conditioning.

Call us at any hour of every day, whether to set an appointment, schedule an installation estimate, or get 24/7/365 emergency HVAC service!

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